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Gasparee Caves

Description: Our journey begins with a boat ride to Gasparee Island.
A short walk about twenty minutes will bring us to the entrance to the Blue Grotto, a cavern encrusted with stalactites and stalagmites and a tidal pool which shimmers in the sunlight. We a...

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Gran Couva Escapade

Description: Hikers Inc. heads to Gran Couva, for an event with a difference. We first take in the historical significance of this beautiful area and then of course, being hikers and all, we undertake a road trek, through some very beautiful countryside to a char...

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Guanapo Gorges

Description: Come with Hikers Inc. as we head to the Heights of Guanapo to undertake a trek to and then an exploration of the Guanapo River system, which includes the breathtaking Guanapo Gorges. This is a river adventure like no other as we swim, wade and jump i...

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Hikers Inc Christmas Dinner and Dance

Description: Hikers Inc. Annual Christmas dinner and dance will be held at Anil's Place, Mc Bean Couva at 6:30 pm. We drink, we eat, we tell a joke or two, we reminisce about the last year's adventures and we revel in the joy of friendships formed and continued. ...

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