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El Tucuche

Description: This is one to test your mettle. Journey to the summit of the second highest peak in Trinidad and Tobago (3072 ft). Long regarded as a hiker's favorite destination. Bring along the binoculars for spectacular views of Las Cuevas and the Central Range....

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Fishy's Bowl

Description: Hidden away in the northern rain forests of Trinidad is a pool whose forest green coloured waters beckons you to immerse yourself therein. Come with Hikers Inc. as we undertake another outdoor adventure to one of our island's natural treasures. Bathi...

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Gasparee Caves

Description: Our journey begins with a boat ride to Gasparee Island.
A short walk about twenty minutes will bring us to the entrance to the Blue Grotto, a cavern encrusted with stalactites and stalagmites and a tidal pool which shimmers in the sunlight. We a...

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Gran Couva Escapade

Description: Hikers Inc. heads to Gran Couva, for an event with a difference. We first take in the historical significance of this beautiful area and then of course, being hikers and all, we undertake a road trek, through some very beautiful countryside to a char...

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