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Caroni Swamp Adventure

Description: Colin Beddoe Memorial Caroni Adventure
On December 12th 2012, Hikers Inc. lost one of our best friends and club director, Colin Beddoe. Colin was the first to introduce us to the Caroni Swamp and was the first thro...

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Caurita to Las Cuevas

Description: Our outdoor adventuring continues as we move up a up a notch or two, with our one-way trek from the breath-taking Caurita Ridge to Las Cuevas. Along the way you will have the opportunity to view beautiful Habio Falls with its unique fall pat...

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Description: Join us, on a fun trip down-the-islands for a day of adventure exploring Chacachacare - one of the Boca Islands. This a diminutive chain of Caribbean islands that span the Dragon's Mouth between Trinidad and Venezuela, off the coast of South Amer...

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Cyril Bay

Description: So what Cyril used to live there? Boy me don’t know the story but the place sweet too bad.
The HI crew heads again to Cyril Bay so if you missed it before here’s your opportunity to view in person this breathtakingly beautiful bay. Take a d...

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