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Blanchisuesse Campout

Description: On Saturday May 26th & 27th, journey with Hikers Inc. to Blanchisseuse Bay, where we set up camp for the night, and undertake to watch for the awe inspiring Leatherback turtles; as they come up to lay their eggs. It promises to be a beautiful evenin...

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Bush Bush Sanctuary

Description: This is an all day excursion into a little known protected reserve of the Nariva Swamp with numerous species of exotic birds and mammals. Come and see or even hear the notorious howler monkey. Bring along your cameras for beautiful shots of fauna and...

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Canari Bay

Description: On the south coast of Trinidad there lies a beach, which few modern eyes have beheld. Canari is its name. Tranquil, serene and inviting. Come with Hikers Inc. as we make our way along a pristine forest trail crossing streams until we reach this secl...

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Caroni Swamp Adventure

Description: Colin Beddoe Memorial Caroni Adventure
On December 12th 2012, Hikers Inc. lost one of our best friends and club director, Colin Beddoe. Colin was the first to introduce us to the Caroni Swamp and was the first thro...

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