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Aripo to Hollis Dam

Description: A challenging hike that takes you from the Heights of Aripo to the breathtakingly beautiful Hollis Dam....

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Aripo Waterfall and Basin

Description: Join Hikers Inc, as we journey to Aripo Falls and Basin. After a pleasant drive through the Aripo forest, we arrive at our starting point where an easy 30 minutes walk awaits us to the beautiful Aripo Waterfall where we can dip and enjoy the beautifu...

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Avocat Falls

Description: The trail starts off the Arima Blanchisseuse Road by old man Meerai\'s home where his and Judy\'s usual hospitality awaits and then onto the Avocat Waterfall. A visually splendorous sight awaits you at the Falls along with the delight of a lovely poo...

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Balandra Basins

Description: Hidden in the rain forest of the North East Coast of Trinidad is the little known and very beautiful Balandra Basins. There are two basins. One is a swimmer's delight while the other caters for those who wish to take a little dip....

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