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Upper Matura River

Description: Journey with us overland through a pristine evergreen forest and then up a river system with clear pools and picturesque limestone rock formations. Our destination, Upper Matura river. A wide pool for your bathing pleasure awaits you....

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Vessigny Excursion Experience

Description: Hikers Inc. heads to Vessigny Beach for a day of fun.We' busing' it down and along the way will stop at the Pitch Lake, for a little tour. We liming on the bus folks and on the beach, we will frolic, play a game of cricket and beach football and just...

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Yarra Gorges

Description: Located in the Blanchisseuse area is the Yarra river. Immediately after the village of La Fillette, where we start our adventure and begin our trek through the river and swimming through the lovely pools and gorges that awaits. Along the way we marve...

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YogAdventure 3 Day Adventure in Tobago

Description: YogAdventure offers you the opportunity for both exhilaration and rejuvenation .
First, come to a place of mindfulness by centering and restoring yourself with an authentic classical hatha yoga practice on the mat, in a tranquil nature settin...

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