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Angel Falls

Description: Hidden away in the verdant forests of the Las Cuevas Valley is the beautiful Angel Falls. Feel your spirit soar as you gaze upon this this lovely cascade....

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Annual Fitness Hike

Description: In 2001 Hikers Inc. accepted a dare and turned it into a dream and then into a vision and then into a firm reality. At that time it was said that hiking from Matelot to Blanchisseuse, a twenty-three mile stretch, could not be undertaken within one da...

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Annual Tobago Hiking Extravaganza

Description: If its nice, lets do it twice, three times, four times, or for that matter nine times, yes folks its here again!
Hikers Inc. heads to Tobago for some hiking fun in the sister isle.
Come and be a part of our Annual Tobago Hiking Extravag...

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Aripo Savannah and Aripo River

Description: This is the largest area of natural savannah remaining in Trinidad and Tobago. It offers scenic landscapes over flat terrains, which are a photographer's delight. There are also unique plant species to be seen. Among these are the sundew insect eati...

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