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Annual Fitness Hike

Description: In 2001 Hikers Inc. accepted a dare and turned it into a dream and then into a vision and then into a firm reality. At that time it was said that hiking from Matelot to Blanchisseuse, a twenty-three mile stretch, could not be undertaken within one day. Our founders thought different.
Hikers Inc., in living up to our vision went one step further and showed in fact that such a venture was indeed quite possible and so was born the Annual Fitness Hike. Since its nice let's do it twice, thrice etc. etc.

Yes folks it's the "Hike of the Year". We begin at the Spring Bridge in Blanchiseusse and trek along the scenic north coast trail until we finally arrive at the homely village of Matelot.
Along the way we traverse the beautiful Petit Tacaribe, Grand Tacaribe and Madamas Beaches. Participation in this hike is not guaranteed based on interest but is at the sole discretion of the directors of Hikers Inc. Pre-registration is a must. Please call for more information.

Rate: Extremely Challenging

Duration: 7-9 hours