About Us


Brief History

Hikers Inc. was established in the year 2001. The club sought to infuse a new professionalism and energy into local hiking adventures that was hitherto unknown.

"Going one step further" became the vision of this new organization, which soon rose to prominence as the preferred hiking club for many outdoor enthusiasts. With this drive and vision the club became the first in 2001 to introduce the"mother of all hikes"; the annual fitness hike from Matelot to Blanchisseuse, and from 2006, Blanchisseuse to Matelot.

We have also visited Tobago since 2005 (Tobago Hiking Extravaganza) and in 2008 and 2010 we ventured into the Caribbean with respective visits to Grenada and Dominica. In May 2013 five members of the club took part in Dominica's inaugural "Nature Island Challenge" which was aired worldwide.

The current leaders all have varying degrees of hiking experience under their respective belts. Most importantly they all share one common philosophy and that is hiking must be fun for those who venture into the outdoors with safety always being of primary importance. Hence the origin of our mission statement,

"Your safety and enjoyment is our priority."

What We're All About

To underscore our belief in safety leaders undertake continuous first aid training with the Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross Society. Approximately two hikes are held each month. In terms of rating, hikes are classed as Easy, Moderate, Moderately Challenging, Challenging, Very Challenging and Extremely Challenging. Individuals are encouraged to make sure of their physical or medical fitness before beginning to hike. A visit to the physician is thus advised.

At the beginning of each hike the leaders would address all participants drawing their attention to the"Important Guidelines" listed in the quarterly schedule. The participants are then divided into two or three groups with two or more hike leaders assigned to each group. Each group has a first-aid kit, two-way radio, rope, and flashlights. Before a scheduled hike, the leaders would undertake to do a scout or "recce" of the trail to ensure that it is properly cleared and marked. A "recce" may also involve consulting with the local police station.

Apart from our regular public hikes Hikers Inc. also conducts tours for private groups and companies and has trained teams e.g. the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, to compete successfully in the annual BG Challenge. We have also conducted the Atlantic Power Challenge for the Trinidad based Atlantic LNG. This is a multi-sport event involving cycling, running, swimming and kayaking.

Hikers Inc. is a dynamic organization always open to change once it redounds to the benefit of the hiking public and is in keeping with their safety and enjoyment.

Together we seek to offer you a service that is friendly and professional. So come with us and discover the natural wonders of Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean. God bless.