Hiking has rapidly become one of the most popular recreational activities in Trinidad & Tobago. The wide variety of fauna and flora and the opportunity to discover hidden natural treasures such as picturesque waterfalls, refreshing rivers and lush rain forests serve as ample encouragement for tourists and nationals to visit local hiking trails as often as possible. Many are left breathless by the places they encounter. So come with Hikers Inc. and discover the "WONDER" that is Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean.

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  • Mystery Pool
  • Mystery Pool Splendour
  • Avocat Falls
  • Turure Watersteps
  • Matura Basins
  • Balandra Basins
  • Fishy's Pool
  • Rio Seco Falls
  • Lemond River Basin
  • Annual Tobago Hiking Extravaganza
  • Blanchisseuse Coastline
  • Celery Bay
  • View of Timberline
  • Cyril Bay
  • Maracas Vista
  • Morne La Croix to Caura
  • North Oropuche Wonder
  • Paragon Beach
  • Paragon View
  • Paria Beach
  • Saut Deau Island
  • Peechon Cove Jump
  • Gran Couva Joy
  • Rio Seco Joy
  • Three Pools Joy
  • Vingo
  • Camping
  • Caroni Swamp